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Thousands of drivers across Ontario trust Bryson Insurance to find the right insurance solution for them. Whether you seek great rates, sound coverage, knowledgeable advice or a combination of the three; Bryson has you covered.

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Common Questions about car insurance

Our clients choose us for a variety of reasons, we focus on aligning insurance with your actual needs, aim to find great rates and being there for you if you ever do need to file a claim. It also helps to know we have been serving families and individuals across Ontario for almost 40 years.

In Ontario, there are mandated minimums for aspects of your auto insurance. Determining how much you need beyond this is where we come in to help. We are happy to share the various coverage options, let you know how much adding coverage would cost and seek other discounts and savings to keep your premium down. Once you know your options, we let you choose what will work for you and your situation.

While every insurance company will have a different method for calculating your auto insurance rate the buckets, or areas, they base their calculation on are similar. Things like driving history, age of vehicle, use of vehicle and more all are part of determining the premium.

To obtain an accurate quote, we will need your car’s make, model, and year, information about your driving history and how you intend to utilize the vehicle (pleasure use / commuter vehicle). Sharing your vehicle identification number (VIN) and driver’s license number will speed up this process even more.

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