Superior Classic Car Insurance in Ontario for Your Superior Classic Vehicle 

If you are someone who has invested time, money and sweat into your classic vehicle, you are someone who wants insurance protection to match that level of care.

What classic cars qualify for classic car insurance in Ontario? 

All types of classic vehicles, including cars, trucks, antique autos, collector, vintage, some modified and even some “modern” or “future” are covered. Qualification criteria generally depends on how the vehicle is used, how it is stored, and your driving record.  

What is classic car insurance in Ontario? 

Insurance for your classic vehicle is similar to standard car insurance in that any car you drive is required to have certain minimum insurance coverage. There are a number of areas where classic car insurance differs. Often times, classic car insurance has lower premiums, guaranteed replacement coverage, reduced kilometre expectations and more.  

How is insurance for classic cars different? 

Standard car insurance bases insurance on a value of an asset that declines in value overtime. This is vastly different from a classic car that has the possibility of appreciating in value over time. Because of this, insurance for your classic vehicle focuses on the value of the classic vehicle. Unlike normal vehicles, insurers will consider the appraised value and providing coverage for that value. Some insurers also provide a cherished salvage optional benefit where, if your classic car is ruined due to an accident or another insured peril, the owner receives the insured value plus has the option to have that vehicle returned so it may be restored again. 

Are there any limitations with classic car insurance? 

The biggest limitation set with classic car insurance is that the vehicle cannot be what you drive every day. It can only be insured if used for pleasure or leisure use. Taking the vehicle to a classic car club, shows, collectible car parades and other types of events is fine.  

As well, the classic car cannot be what you drive back and forth to work. If it were, the car would be deemed a commuter vehicle and would qualify for normal car insurance coverage. 

Depending on the vehicle there could be other limits like ensuring the vehicle is secure in a garage under lock and key, seasonal requirements and more. It is ideal to talk with our team to discuss your specific situation.   

What sets Bryson apart for classic car insurance in Ontario? 

As insurance brokers, it is not uncommon to have a fondness for cars. At Bryson, we have team members who love classic vehicles and have them themselves. Having people who understand the care and concern you have for a vehicle makes a difference. Having those same people help you find the right insurance to keep your classic car protected is key. Talk with our team today. 

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