Your client’s car has a maintenance plan. Why not your garage insurance?

Similar to how the technology in the vehicles you repair is evolving; the risk factors for garage insurance operators is evolving too. Insurance premiums are going up for many garage owners but are they going up for the right reasons?

It is time to look under the hood of your garage insurance policy.

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What is our complimentary Garage Insurance check-up?

We get under the hood of your garage insurance policy to seek out gaps and opportunities in your current policy. We compare your current business with your insurance portfolio with an aim to identify areas where you can save money and ensure the business you have worked hard to build is properly protected.

Garages and car repair shops are unique in their insurance needs and requirements. Garage owners are often much more interested in getting under the hood of their client’s vehicle than they are getting into a discussion on their insurance exposures.

We are here to be your trusted partner to ensure what you built is protected by your insurance carrier.

In addition to protecting your operation for general coverage like liability, theft and fire repair shops require special coverage suited to their specific operation. Insurance protection for your client’s vehicles while they’re in your care, protecting lot value and used vehicle sales operations are some of the unique risk conversations to have with our garage insurance specialists.