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Bryson Contact List

Personal Lines Account Managers

Wendy Henderson, CIP
Ext. 234

Donna Murphy
Ext. 238

Rebecca Symes
Ext. 273

Trudy Mitchell
Ext. 232

James Turner
Ext. 302

Kelly Vieria
Ext. 240

Personal Lines New Business Account Managers

Jessica Visser
Ext. 364

Corinne Lamb
Ext. 305

Natasha Lucas
Ext. 360

Account Executives

Elaine Berry, CIP, CCIB, CRM
Ext. 276

Scott Bryson, CAIB
Ext. 230

Aby Mcconnachie
Ext. 241

Elina Hoodfar
Ext. 359

Jay Asher
Ext. 354

Commercial Account Managers

Guida Leyland, CAIB, CRM
Ext. 231

Jennifer Demetrius
Ext. 252

Chenise Daia
Ext. 254

Nadine Chang
Ext. 349

Transportation Account Executives

Frank Beecroft, BA, AIIC

Neil Bryson, Transportation
Ext. 274

Scott Bryson, CAIB
Ext. 230

Linda Colgan, CAIB
Ext. 272

Patti Corbishley, Transportation
Ext. 280

Shaun Courtney
Ext. 356

Transportation Account Managers

Rosemary Astley, CAIB
Ext. 357

Melanie Saunders
Ext. 223

Golda Ball, CAIB, CIP
Ext. 270

Danielle Gray
Ext. 225

Tobin McLeod, Finance and Billing Specialist
Ext. 243


Shallane Copland, Director of First Impressions
Ext. 221

Rose Kelman, Executive Assistant
Ext. 261

Andrea Bekarovski, Personal Lines Technical Service Representative
Ext. 283

Ashley Hopps, HR Assistant & Technical Service Representative, Commercial Lines
Ext. 275

Lisa Indriksons, Technical Service Representative, Commercial Lines
Ext. 251

Carly Kurysh, Technical Service Representative, Commercial Lines
Ext. 279

Janna Wheler, Technical Service Representative, Personal Lines
Ext. 352

Aby McConnachie, Commercial Lines Service Team Lead
Ext. 241


Tracy L. Makris, CAIB, CIP
Ext. 224


Dennis Downey
Ext. 255

Office Manager

Rose Anne Shaw, CIP
Ext. 233

Director of Commercial Lines

Guida Leyland, CAIB, CRM
Ext. 231

Director of Transportation

Tammy McCarthy, CAIB
Ext. 239

Personal Lines Manager

Matthew Leyland
Ext. 237

Director of Culture and Business Development

Kyle Paterson
Ext. 361