Bundling Insurance Saves Time and Money

How can I save money on my home and car insurance premiums without reducing coverage or increasing my premium? There are numerous proactive things you can do to save on your premium but the biggest saving opportunity is by bundling your vehicle insurance policy together with your home insurance policy.

Beyond keeping more money in your pocket, bundling your insurance together with one insurance carrier can provide additional benefits. See if you qualify for a bundling discount by giving us a call at 1-800-661-5196 or emailing your dedicated Account Manager.

Check out the multiple benefits for bundling your insurance today.

Most people do not purchase all their insurance policies at once. Consider one day you purchase a car and get insurance at company A, your future spouse may have their insurance at company B and when you decide to purchase a home together you acquire your homeowners insurance with company C. You now have three important insurance policies being managed by three different insurance carriers.

In that situation every time there is an update (new address, phone number, payment method, email address, etc) to your file it requires updating three different companies instead of one.

Working with an insurance brokerage like us reduces this particular hassle because we complete the updating for you.

The most commonly mentioned benefit of bundling is the opportunity to save money, especially on your car insurance (personal-insurance/auto) premium. Insurance carriers like when they insure more than one asset in a family and reward you for choosing to do so. In some instances the simple act of bundling your home and car insurance can save 20% on your premium.

The easiest way to find out if our bundling options save you money is to give us a call at 1.800.661.5196. You will be connected with one of our personal insurance specialists who will be able to answer any questions you have and let you know how much you may save.

The purpose of insurance is for when the unexpected does happen. Will getting your situation back to the way it was painless and easy or stressful and consuming?

Consider the scenario above where you have insurance with three different companies, if there was a windstorm that damaged your home, car and spouses vehicle at the same time what would happen?

You would be required to report the claim three times, interact with three different claims adjusters, and pay three deductibles.

If your insurance was bundled together you may have more than one adjuster (ex: if there were home and car damage as a result of a storm) but one company to work with. Your situation may only call on one deductible payment instead of three. All in all bundling saves time, energy and money.

Start Bundling Your Insurance

How much can you save by bundling your insurance?

While bundling has many benefits beyond insurance premium savings, we know that saving money is one of the best reasons to bundle your insurance. Savings differ depending on your circumstances and the insurance companies but it is not uncommon to reduce your spend by upwards of 15-20%.