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aviva canada logoWho is AVIVA Canada?

As one of Canada’s largest general insurance companies, Aviva Canada offers home, auto, and business insurance. 

Now servicing over three million customers today across the country, Aviva’s origins can be traced back to the early 19th century. In 1835, the Canada Accident Assurance Company was incorporated as The General Accident Insurance Company of Canada in 1906. From there, many Aviva predecessors evolved and merged to finally become Aviva Insurance Company of Canada on May 5, 2003. 

Aviva Canada now has offices around the globe that help to support Canadian clients.


Aviva Canada is a leader in customer service, offering extensive and quick access to their support team through their website and social media accounts. This access makes finding, paying for, and managing your insurance easier than ever. Also, as one of the larger insurers in Canada, their financial resources give clients access to options smaller insurance companies cannot offer. 

Other ways Aviva Canada excels include:

  • Extensive Customer Support – Aviva Canada excels at many levels of customer support, including a simplified claims process, operators available to answer questions 24-hours a day, and an extensive customer knowledge library that teaches customers the basics of insurance. Aviva Canada also uses its network of thousands of professional brokers as more points of contact and informational resources for clients worldwide.
  • Vast Financial Resources – The Aviva group of companies has 29 million customers in 16 countries worldwide. That kind of success creates a massive pool of financial resources that can be used to innovate new products and offer coverage options that other companies cannot provide. A solid financial base allows Aviva Canada to customize solutions for clients and offer premiums to fit any client’s budget.
  • Fighting Insurance Fraud – One of Aviva Canada’s reasons to keep premiums low is its proactive battle against insurance fraud. Insurance fraud costs insurance companies around the world billions of dollars, and it is an obstacle in keeping premiums down. But Aviva Canada puts a tremendous amount of resources into identifying and prosecuting fraud, and that is an approach that saves every client money.

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Contact: https://www.aviva.ca/en/about-aviva/contact-us/

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