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Shopping for High Risk Car Insurance

Shopping for High Risk Car Insurance2020-11-17T19:48:59-05:00

Shopping for High Risk Car Insurance

Questions to Ask While Shopping for High Risk Driving Insurance

As a high risk driver in Ontario, your options with insurers are limited compared with drivers with clean driving records. However, this does not mean you are without a choice. In fact, there is a lot to consider when shopping for high risk driving insurance. Here are important questions to ask insurance professionals when choosing a high risk insurance partner.

1. What happens when my driving offenses drop off my record and I have a clean driving record again?

Look for an insurance partner who has a plan to get you back to a clean driver rate as soon as possible.

At Bryson Insurance, we make sure to take note of important dates in your driving record. As we approach important dates, expect a call from your Bryson Insurance broker with a plan to shift you to a standard rate smoothly and efficiently. We love the date when your insurance rate drops back to normal levels; it is a celebration!

Take a look at what else makes Bryson Insurance a great partner for you.

2. How does the insurance brokerage view High Risk Drivers? Where does it fit with their business?

If you are a newer high risk driver, you may have heard “we will be unable to continue your insurance upon renewal”, “we don’t insure high-risk drivers”, or may have simply felt your insurance company left you feeling lesser than when dealing with them.

At Bryson, we know friends, family, and even co-workers who have been deemed as high-risk drivers at some point in their past. Does it make them a bad person? Absolutely not, it just means they made a mistake. We are all humans; we have all made mistakes. Brokers at Bryson understand this. Our goal is your goal – to provide you the best insurance coverage at the best rate.

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3. What options for insurance do I have as a high risk driver?

The market for high risk drivers is already limited when compared with drivers who have clean driving records. As a high risk driver, you want to make sure you have a company that can shop for a competitive high risk rate. It is also important to consider what happens when you have a clean driving record. Does your insurance company have standard rate options too?

4. What options do I have to lower my high risk insurance premium?

Regardless of whether you are applying for standard vehicle insurance or high risk vehicle insurance, there are many options to help lower your premium. Because the premiums are increased for high risk driving insurance, each option to save money has a greater impact on the overall cost.

What options to lower your insurance premium best fit you? That is where the Bryson Insurance team of experts comes in to help you. We are committed to having an open and honest conversation to help you find the best insurance coverage to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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5. How do you determine the best price for high risk vehicle insurance?

It depends. Every company is slightly different in its approach to assessing risk. It is important to gather a few prices to compare. An insurance broker has the ability to shop the market for you and gather quotes.

At Bryson Insurance, we recognize that every driver has different characteristics, experiences, and driving habits. We utilize insurance companies that calculate each policy individually to generate a price that is unique to your profile.

Our dedicated team will work for you to carefully gather details that will help calculate your price.

6. Why should I choose to partner with your company for my insurance needs?

This is an important question to ask regardless of the type of insurance you are seeking. At Bryson, we pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your needs and provide solutions that fit you.

While you are a high risk driver, our mission is to be with you through a challenging journey of re-establishing a clean driving record. When your record is clean again, we have options to slide you right back into a standard rate, hassle-free.

We work hard to offer the best service and are honoured to be recognized as one of the top 10 Insurance Brokers in Canada.

We are always open to a conversation. Call us today at 1-800-661-5196.

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