Commission Disclosure: How we get paid for the services we provide you

Thank you for being our client. We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us, and we will do everything possible to continue to earn your trust. Our goal is to arrange the appropriate insurance protection for you, combining sound advice with coverage tailored to your needs. We also provide you with ongoing policy maintenance, claims support and professional service.

It’s important to note that we serve as your advocate, your advisor and as your guide. We are on “your side” and we represent you. In other words, all our policies come complete with someone who cares about you and acts on your behalf.

Brokerage compensation is part of your insurance premium. For your benefit, we have listed below Insurers that we represent and have included the range of compensation each provides as a percentage of your overall premium. This commission percentage is paid annually for both new business and renewals.

How we are paid for property & casualty insurance policies

Insurance CompanyPersonal AutoPersonal PropertyCommercial AutoSurety/UmbrellaCommercial
AVIVA*10% to 12.5%12.5%/20%7.5% to 12.5%n/a/15%15-20%
Economical 10% to 12.5%20%12.5%n/a/15%20%
FacilityCapped at $325n/a10%n/an/a
Intact* 10% to 12.5%20%7.5%-12.5%25%/15%20%
Jevco*5% to 10%n/a5% to 10%n/an/a
Northbridge* 10% to 12.5%20%7.5%-12.5%n/a/15%10-15%
Old Republicn/an/a10-11%n/a10-11%
Pembridge*/Pafco7.5% to 12.5%20%n/an/an/a
RSA*/Western 10% to 12.5%20%7.5%-12.5%n/a/15%20%
Sovereign General*n/an/a7.5%-12.5%n/a/15%20%
Specialty Marketsn/a10-15%n/an/a10-15%
Travelers* 7.5% to 12.5%20%7.5%-12.5%25%/15%20%
Wawanesa 10% to 12.5%20%12.5%25%20%

The Insurers with an asterisk noted above recognize our efforts through a Contingent (Profit) Commission contract. Payment of this Contingent (Profit) Commission may depend on a combination of growth, profitability, volume, retention and increased services that we provide on behalf of the Insurer, and is not guaranteed. For detailed information on Contingent Commission, please go to the individual company’s website.

Our firm is privately owned, and completely independent. There is no direct or indirect ownership interest by any Insurance Company nor any loan or financial guarantee. We receive referral fees from premium finance companies and as well share a common ownership interest in Lake Bay Financial Inc. one of the premium financing companies we represent. We confirm that there are no conflicts of interest in our relationship with you, and that our overall recommendations to you are based on our understanding and assessment of your needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.