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Leading Transportation Specialist Joins Bryson Team

Published on Sep 16, 2019

Bryson & Associates is delighted to announce the appointment of Shaun Courtney, Senior Account Executive, to its Transportation team. Shaun Courtney Bryson Insurance Transportation Specialist Headshot

“I am truly excited to have Shaun join us,” said Tammy McCarthy, Bryson’s Director of Transportation.  “His background and strong technical expertise in Transportation, Logistics and Marine for small to large enterprises has allowed him to become a true leader in this field.”

Courtney brings to Bryson more than 15 years of insurance experience and exemplifies what McCarthy refers to as “a boutique broker specialist equipped to serve transportation risks of any size.”

“He is incredibly knowledgeable and adept at creating solutions for unique and challenging risks,” said McCarthy, 2018 recipient of the Insurance Business Canada Broker of the Year Award.

Courtney joining Bryson’s transportation insurance team is aligned with its vision of transforming the transportation industry into one of safety and sustainability.

“I am genuinely excited to join this amazing team,” said Courtney.

“Joining a team and organization that is so passionate, knowledgeable and respected is exciting for me,” he added.

In his role at Bryson, Courtney will be serving both existing and new clientele.

“I am thrilled to have someone with Shaun’s experience and dedication to service excellence join our team,” said Bryson President Tracy Makris.  “He adds an important component to what I believe is one of the top transportation insurance teams in the country.”

For further information:

Tammy McCarthy

Bryson Insurance Director of Transportation


905-426-8787 x239






Bryson Recognized As Great Place to Work in Financial Services and Insurance!

Published on Aug 15, 2019

Bryson Insurance is proud to announce it has once again made the list of Best Workplaces™ in Financial Services and Insurance.

Great Place to Work Canada names Bryson Insurance as Great Place to Work in Insurance in Canada!Bryson Insurance received this 2019 honour after a thorough and independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work®. 

The list is based on direct feedback from employees of hundreds of organizations surveyed by Great Place to Work®. The data has a 90 per cent confidence and a plus or minus 5 per cent margin of error. Matthew Leyland and Vicky Murphy with Spiderman at Bryson Blooms in Brooklin Ontario

To be eligible for this list, organizations must be Great Place to Work Certified™ in the past year and work primarily in the Financial Services and Insurance sector. Bryson Insurance ranked the best based on employee responses to our Trust Index survey.

“At Bryson Insurance we are committed to making a difference in the world by leveraging the power of insurance to empower people and businesses to create a brighter and safer tomorrow,” said President, Tracy Makris. “The foundation of delivering on this commitment is our team. We strive to create a workplace that enlivens and empowers. It is an honour to be recognized but, more so, it is recognition of how our team cares for each other, our clients and the community.”


For further information:

Kyle Paterson

Bryson Insurance Director of Culture and Business Development


905-426-8787 x361



You're Invited to Bryson Blooms!

Published on May 6, 2019

Bryson Blooms CardJoin us at our 4th annual community and client spring celebration!

~ Free community event ~

When we opened our Brooklin location five years ago, we were so warmly welcomed by the community. That warmth inspired us to create a family-fun day to show our appreciation for the community and our clients, both local and beyond.

We have received word that The Amazing Spider-Man will be swinging by and The
Princess of Arendelle, Elsa, will be gracing us with her presence as well.

Add Bryson Blooms to your Outlook Calendar

If you prefer, jump on Facebook and EventBright to confirm attendance! 

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Bryson Blooms Spiderman Elsa

Insurance Business Canada top honor settling in for Bryson Exec

Published on Jan 24, 2019

A heightened sense of belonging is how Tammy McCarthy has felt in the weeks following her selection as Insurance Business Canada's Broker of the Year from a pool of top-notch insurance brokers across the country.Tammy McCarthy Insurance Business Canada Broker of the Year at Bryson Insurance Headshot

Voted on by her peers, the prestigious honor was presented to McCarthy at a special awards dinner held in Toronto.

“We have always known Tammy as a world-class insurance professional,” said Tracy Makris, President of Bryson Insurance.  “It is beautiful to see her being recognized by her peers in the industry as well.”

“When I first received the award, it was a bit surreal,” said McCarthy, Director of Transportation at Bryson Insurance, as she relives the moment her name was announced.  “Since then, one of the things that has touched me the most is the outpouring of congratulations and support from insurers, staff and other industry professionals.”

Growing up with a father as a rock musician, life on the road became second nature for McCarthy.  There’s not much of the North American countryside, and beyond, she hasn’t seen.  Today, after more than 20 plus years in insurance, that inherent passion for travel and unwavering respect for those who make a living on the country’s roadways shine through as one of the transport industry’s most knowledgeable personalities.

“I discovered early on my journey that I had a passion for the trucking sector and its unique opportunities," said McCarthy who joined Bryson as head of its transportation sector in September 2013.

 “As a broker, choosing to develop expertise in this niche has brought me success,” she continued, cognisant, however, of how a hardened marketplace and ensuring the safety of motorists will require not only perseverance but, strong analytical and safety-oriented initiatives.  “It has never been more relevant for the trucking broker community to focus on risk management strategies.”

From a management perspective, there is nothing more rewarding to McCarthy, she noted, than helping others – influencing their achievements through a supportive environment and mentorship.  Her focus is consistently on building and reinforcing an authentic workplace culture, setting the stage for success and growth, while continuing to concentrate on distinction and value proposition – “keeping things meaningful and relevant”.

“The award is a tremendous acknowledgment and I am deeply moved,” McCarthy said.  “But there is still work to be done.  I believe leading by example, chasing excellence, and reiterating commitment to my already incredibly talented team, and the industry as a whole, will be the most influential.”

McCarthy, however, would be quite satisfied if she was simply remembered as having made a significant difference in people’s lives and contributing to making the country’s roads a safer place.

“My mark and my legacy are those who carry the torch long after I’m gone,” she said.

For further information:
Tracy Makris
Bryson Insurance Director of Transportation

Veteran Transportation Specialist Joins Bryson Team

Published on Jan 14, 2019

Bryson & Associates is pleased to announce the appointment of Patricia Corbishley, Senior Account Executive, to its Transportation team.

“I’m ecstatic to have Patti join us,” said Tammy McCarthy, Bryson’s Director of Transportation.  “She is a true professional and someone who goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.  Her decades of experience and prior successes are critical in managing the challenges faced in the hardened marketplace, and to address the overall evolution and volatility of our industry.” Bryson Insurance Patti Corbishley Web Headshot

Corbishley brings to Bryson more than 32 years as a trusted and highly respected insurance advisor and rounds out what McCarthy referred to as “an incredible talent within our team”. 

“She is one of the country’s top transportation brokers and is extremely well respected in the industry,” said McCarthy, herself a pillar in the transportation insurance community and recently selected as recipient of the Broker of the Year Award from a pool of top-notch brokers across the country.

Corbishley’s acquisition also reunites a strong team of transportation professionals, including McCarthy, from Safety Insurance where her long-standing career began in 1986.  Safety Insurance was purchased in 2008 by Jones Deslaurier where Corbishley has been since.

“I’m truly excited about this next chapter,” said Corbishley.

“It’s like coming home….to family,” she added, referring to being reunited with long-time friends and colleagues McCarthy and another revered transportation specialist, Bryson Senior Account Executive Linda Colgan. 

Bryson Insurance is Great Place to Work Certified and this is the digital certificateIn her role at Bryson, Corbishley will be serving both existing and new clientele, and will be actively involved in departmental projects aligned with the team’s organizational objectives.  She will also fulfill the role of an internal mentor and advisor. 

“It is an honour to add someone of Patti’s character and experience to our team,” said Bryson President Tracy Makris.  “She is a great compliment to what I believe is already the top transportation insurance team in the country.”

For further information:

Tammy McCarthy

Bryson Insurance Director of Transportation


905-426-8787 x239


Business Community August Food Drive Challenge

Published on Jul 30, 2018

We are excited to be participating in the 4th Annual Durham Region August Food Drive Challenge.

The holiday season is when we tend to think of giving but empty cupboards, and tummies, is not a seasonal thing.  Feed the Need in Durham is the central hub for over 60 emergency food providers and is responsible for feeding an estimated 50,000+ children and adults every year.

Ways to participate:

1) Make a monetary contribution at the official donation page here. You will be emailed a charitable contribution tax receipt by CanadaHelps.

2) Visit an official drop location and make a non-perishable food donation. Our Brooklin office (10 Roebuck Street) is an official drop location and you can also drop at our Ajax office (541 Bayly Street East) if that is more convenient for you. The full list of locations is available in the list below.

3) Engage your business! Create an inner-office food drive or create a special offer for your customers coming in! If you business wants to jump in the action email Kyle at kpaterson@brysoninsurance.ca. There is an information package available for businesses who participate. 

And for everything you post on social media use the hashtag #FeedingDurham

Business Community August Food Drive Challenge

Bryson's Core Values

Published on Aug 4, 2017

We had a lot of fun as a team generating and discovering our core values and are now excited to be able to share them with you!

Of our external accolades, we are most proud of being recognized as a Great Place to Work by Great Places to Work Canada. This recognition means so much to us because it is largely weighted by an employee survey. 

In this we thought, we have never taken the time to write down our core values. We discuss things that are important to us all the time but we never have just said let's write these down!

It is important to share how these were created as the creation closely reflects who we are and how we operate as well. Our process is intentional and we encourage contribution from the whole. 

This is what we created. This is who we are.

How did we create our core values?

Every year Bryson hosts an employee appreciation day. This is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of team members, reflect back on the year, and share the vision of where we are heading as an organization.

During the meeting, we have breakout sessions with the intention of learning more about one another and to uncover ways we can continue to expand as a team. Inside one of the conversations, we shared 'what is important to you - both personally and professionally?'

One could already see the alignment in what is important to us as people and professionals.

At this point, each team picked a leader to join a Core Values sub-group missioned to discover how to share who we are with the world. At the first meeting, we realized we wanted to know a little more about our team members so the team leaders collected responses and we compiled a big list of things that really meant something.

Themes and similarities became apparent and the group was able to narrow down our shared values to a manageable number. From this point a smaller team was tasked with the final step - turning it into something that could be shared with the world.

Do our Core Values speak to you?

Check out current career opportunites!

Women walking and looking at her iPad looking for a new career with Bryson Insurance

Bryson is Shifting to Paperless Policy Delivery

Published on Sep 27, 2016

Bryson is in the early days of shifting delivery of policies from paper-based to an electronic format. This evolution in delivery method brings with it many benefits for you, your company, and the environment. For those who will be receiving their documents through e-Delivery we will follow-up to make sure the policy has been correctly received. If, for the time being, you prefer to continue to receive your policy in the mail, please let your dedicated account manager know so we can update your file.

The Reasons to Go Paperless are Piling up!

Digital technology is abound. These days, you can easily store data on your mobile, desktop PC, tablet, or all three! Just think about times past, and the wasted hours spent trying to find that one super-important document in a pile of files and papers. Had it been stored on your computer or smartphone, it may only have taken seconds to locate.

Why is Bryson Shifting to Paperless Delivery?

Better data Protection and Security

It’s difficult to recover information from a piece of paper once destroyed or lost (unless you have friends at CSI). But data can be recovered if your computer goes haywire. You could also store everything in a Cloud to reduce the risk of data loss. It may not surprise you to learn that electronic delivery is often more secure, and more reliable, than traditional snail mail.


Your data is centrally located and accessible 24/7. There are plenty of tools or apps available to sync your information across various devices and to back-up, store or share with others. Portable. You are in control.

It reduces Clutter

A clutter-free, tidy office space not only looks good but keeps those shoe boxes, towering cabinets and crowded credenzas from over-throwing your real estate.

It saves Money

You’ll realize the savings when you stop buying those file folders, toner and paper (..let’s not get started on tedious staples and clips!).

It’s Green

Helping to save the environment and reducing the release of the harmful toxins and gases associated with paper and pulp operations, or in the shipping and handling process, isn’t so bad, either.

It helps you stay Organized

Saving documents from an email or download into an electronic folder on your computer is significantly easier to store than a stack of papers. In fact, if you are saving to the Cloud and/or back-ups, there may be no need to save them on your hardware. Modern search features make finding a file fast and efficient