Is there an Insurance Discount for Having Winter Tires?

Published On: November 9th, 2016Categories: Personal Insurance

The Winter Tire Discount is part of the Ontario Government’s 2014 commitment to reduce automobile insurance premiums.

Do I qualify for the winter tire discount? If so, how much will I save?

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Have questions about the Winter Tire Discount in Ontario? We have answers.

Why is there a discount to install winter tires on my vehicle?

The winter tire discount was created to encourage drivers to install winter tires on their vehicles. The purpose is to improve road safety in winter months. More vehicles with winter tires will hopefully mean a winter with reduced collisions, both in frequency and severity.

Are all discount amounts the same for winter tires regardless of which insurance company my vehicle is with?

The actual discount is up to the insurance company, but regulators approve them – we’ve seen ranges from 2% to 5%. Some insurers will offer the discount only at certain times throughout the year. Each insurer is different, it is important to talk with your broker to find out the requirements for your situation.

What if I say I have winter tires installed on my vehicle but don’t really?

Under the statutory conditions, an insurance company could void your policy for misrepresentation. It is best to be honest with your broker and the insurance company for discounts like this.

Do I need to tell you about my winter tires every year?

It is ideal to update your broker. While not required a short call or email letting your broker know you are putting winter tires on again let’s us all rest easier during snowy nights.

To get answers specific for you and your situation give our team of insurance professionals a call at 1-800-661-5196 ext: 4 or email us at

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