What is Employee Practices Liability Insurance? – Webinar

Published On: October 24th, 2018Categories: Commercial Insurance, Human Resources, Webinar

Protecting Your Business from Employee Practices Liability

Most employers never imagine the moment will happen when they are served a lawsuit for employee practices.

The landscape of employment law continues to evolve. With every court decision or piece of new legislation, employers learn more about how workplace discrimination, employee rights and similar issues can affect their company. To protect your organization, it is important to take proactive measures to stay up-to-date on HR requirements and best practices.

Corette Miller, President of newinitiatives HR, and Guida Leyland, Bryson’s Director of Commercial Insurance join in this webinar to share proactive steps employers can take to mitigate employee practice risk. We also delve into an insurance policy 6 out of every 10 employers believe they have coverage for but do not… Employee Practice Liability Insurance.

We cover numerous case studies during the webinar that focus on the primary types of employee practice lawsuits employers face and provide steps the employer could have taken to reduce or eliminate the exposure.

What are the most common types of employee practice lawsuits?

There are three main primary claim categories our Employee Practice Liability Insurance carriers see.

The largest claim type by far is wrongful dismissal, followed by discrimination, and then harassment and humiliation.

Our insurers are reporting that they are seeing an increase in cost and severity of these claims as well.

What can my organization do to protect ourselves from employee liability exposure?

We delve into detail in the webinar but, from a high level perspective, a couple of the proactive measures employers can take right now include:

  • Document, Document, Document: record and keep record of individual staff conversation as much as possible;
  • Send new employees the workplace policies manual and have them acknowledge reading and agreeing to it before their first day;
  • Post legal requirements! If certain documents are not posted and visible for employees and you have an inspection, it is an instant fine

What is Employee Practices Liability Insurance?

Also known as HR Malpractice Insurance, Employee Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI) is comprehensive protection against errors and omissions in the management and administration of human resources.

How does Employee Practices Liability Insurance work?

The majority of EPLI policies will cover the legal fees associated with defending the claim as well as any damaged stemming from the manner in which an employee was dismissed.

What happens when I file an employee practices liability insurance claim?

As a business, you are assigned a claims analysis that will walk you through the process and start to build the team to help resolve the claim. A key member of this team will be a lawyer specializing in employment law. From there you will be asked to provide information relating to the claim. The claims adjuster and employment lawyer will then take lead allowing the business to focus on their business and not on the claim.

How do I get started with an employee practices liability quote?

The application is simple and can act as a type of audit to the HR practices your company has in place today. Simply reach out to your Bryson Insurance dedicated team member and start the process today.

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