What are you doing to take care of yourself this holiday season?

Published On: December 22nd, 2017Categories: Wellness

Depending on when you ask I may say something like “me! I have no time for me!”

This is a question both for reflection and action. Between social gatherings, children’s events, hosting, traveling, caring for elderly relatives, shopping, baking, cleaning, and everything else that may exist for you the joy of ‘making the season bright’, one can quickly leave us to feel overwhelmed, pressured, and burnt out.

What’s normal is to want to avoid being a holiday-downer and instead suffer in silence. It can be challenging to speak up. Holiday marketing is all smiles and fun. Our social feeds leave us constantly comparing (The Facebook Effect does lead to depressed feelings), and we are supposed to be lit up and lively.

Pretending to be jolly when you are not feeling that way is out of alignment with the spirit of the season. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re probably not the only one!

In the spirit of the holidays, there is an opportunity to expand our compassion and how we relate to each other. We can take on caring for ourselves and each other in a new way. This time of year is an opportunity to slow down and engage in real conversations. To connect in new ways, be vulnerable (Brené Brown’s TED Talk: The Power of Vulnerability), and be willing to listen openly.

So, how would I answer the opening question – “What am I doing to take care of myself this holiday season?”

  1. Taking on a ‘less is more’ attitude – while we still have a lot to do I am focusing less on the stuff and more on the people in my life.
  2. Sharing instead of pretending – I find that sometimes when I am feeling overwhelmed simply sharing it with another person releases it.
  3. Getting curious about others – I am curious by nature but a seemingly endless to-do list can keep me in-my-head. I look forward to just being with people and being curious about who they are.
  4. Cherishing the moments – there is a lot to be grateful for both at home, at work, and in the world.

And look, if you’re feeling down and can’t kick it there is support. The Ontario Mental Health Hotline is a free service and is available 24/7. They have a phone number and web chat which you can find here.

Finally, from the bottom of my heart and from the entire team at Bryson Insurance, we want to thank you for choosing us for your insurance needs. It is an absolute honour to serve and be trusted for your insurance needs.

Happy Holidays from the Bryson Insurance family,

Tracy Makris, President

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Written by:

Tracy Makris
I am extremely grateful for the people in my life who help guide, ground, and support me. I don’t take things for granted and place health, family and happiness at the forefront of everything I do. Happiness exists within, and for me shows up when I am able to assist others with strategic solutions to what is most important for them in their corporate or personal endeavors. I am thankful for every interaction with clients, collaborators, and others who allow me and our incredible Bryson team to serve.


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