Spring Tire Swap in Ontario!

Published On: April 1st, 2021Categories: Personal Insurance

Switching over your winter tires has more than one benefit for Canadian drivers. Not only will you get better mileage, but you’ll also save money. 

Understanding Your Tires

Winter tires are specifically engineered to perform the best on ice and snow in colder temperatures. The tread on winter tires allows for better traction on slippery and icy roads and will enable drivers to grip better in unpredictable driving conditions. 

Summer or all-season tires are made of a harder rubber compound designed for hot road and asphalt surfaces.

Using winter tires in the summer will do several negative things, including wearing out the tread faster, compromising your vehicle’s handling, and making your car work just a bit harder to produce similar results. 

Are you getting the Winter Tire Insurance Premium Discount?

The rule of thumb for when to switch tires focuses on the average outside temperature. However, suppose you are currently taking advantage of your Ontario insurance provider’s premium savings for having winter tires installed. In that case, you will need to factor in the date as well.

Winter tires must be on the car from November 1 to April 1 to qualify for the winter tire premium discount. Regardless of the temperature outside, do not switch your tires over until, at the earliest, the beginning of April. If it is April, the next thing to check is the temperature outside.

When is The Best Time to Make The switch? 

As the roads start to dry out and the birds begin chirping, you’ll feel spring is in the air. However, we live in Ontario, and the weather can be unpredictable. Our changing weather condition is why most experts believe that the best time to make the switch to your summer or all-season tires is when the weather is consistently above 7 degrees Celsius. In Ontario, that usually happens during April, but it is best to check weather conditions as temperature patterns change yearly

As we get closer to spring and summer temperatures, be sure to make the switch. If you need help with your auto insurance, be sure to reach out to us over at Bryson Insurance to see if we can save you money this spring!  

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