Spring Cleaning With Your Kids!

Published On: February 14th, 2021Categories: Personal Insurance, Wellness

As we get closer to the birds returning, the frost and snow thawing, and longer days, the thought of Spring is always at the top of mind.

Although we are still a little early for purchasing flowers or pulling out the patio furniture, it doesn’t mean we can’t start making changes and using cooler days to make your home shine. 

What better way to get rid of the cobwebs and make your home sparkle than with the help of your kids?

Imagine your kids were not just willing to help but excited? This is not a premature April Fool’s joke– we’re serious! It’s possible to get your kids not only enthusiastic but motivated to create a spring cleaning plan!

Do it Their Way: Make it Fun!

Kids love having fun, and the best way to make spring cleaning another exciting part of their day is to make it a game!

So here are two fun games you can play with your kids that will bring sparkle, shine, and smiles to your family. 

Before you can jump in, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared and ready to go. Cleaning supplies are the first step. We recommend a colourful chore chart, with their favourite stickers and markers to cross off their outstanding work as they complete a chore. 

Depending on your children’s age, you can add a few chores from below to the chart and get to work! 

Chores for Toddlers, aged 2 and under:

  • Pick up inside toys
  • Pick up outside toys

Chores for Little Ones, aged 3 to 5:

  • Pick up inside/outside toys and put them where they belong (bins, cubbies, containers)
  • Water the houseplants

Chores for Tikes aged 6 to 9:

  • All previous chores
  • Sweep the floor
  • Empty light wastebaskets
  • Wipe mirrors

Chores for Kids aged 10 to 13:

  • All previous chores
  • Clean refrigerator drawers 
  • Organize shoe and/or coat closet

Chores for Teens aged 14 to 17:

  • All previous chores
  • Wash windows
  • Clean out closets and drawers
  • Put away seasonal clothing

So now that you have some chore ideas, how do we make this a fun game? Let’s get started!

Spring Cleaning Games

We’ve got games to spring cleaning kids started:

“Grime to Glamour”

When everyone is ready to get started, have each family member put on their best Cinderella-esque attire and get to work. Then, when the cleaning is over, celebrate the arrival of your very own Fairy Godmother and put on their most favourite outfit. Get all dolled up and do something everyone enjoys, whether watching a movie or ordering in a delicious meal!

By doing the work together with something fun to look forward to, cleaning will go faster and be more fun.

“Get Your Dance on”

Pump up the jam and let everyone create their cleaning playlist with their favourite music. This way, no one is left feeling like they are left out, and each member of the family is included in dancing and grooving the day away while making the home sparkle!

Add some extra fun by adding in spontaneous break dances throughout the day and challenge each other to dance competitions to keep the fun level on high!

No matter your kids’ age, spring cleaning can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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