Phishing in COVID-19 waters

Published On: April 2nd, 2020Categories: Commercial Insurance, Cyber Insurance

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt our lives. There are many experiencing a heightened sense of concern for their personal safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Unfortunately, people hungry for information are also perfect targets for phishing scams. One of the most frequent is the fake World Health Organization email that prompts readers to download a Safety Measures report.

CEO of Darn IT Group, Darnley Greson, joined us us to discuss the rise in phishing attacks and provides tactics individuals and companies can follow to help reduce the risk of being caught.

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Written by:

Kyle Paterson
Kyle believes that insurance is a tool, when powerfully leveraged best ensures the vision of business leaders and families are realized. Kyle focuses on cyber risk transfer, group benefits, and corporate and individual life insurance solutions.


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