Bryson is Shifting to Paperless Policy Delivery

Published On: July 1st, 2019Categories: Newsroom

Bryson is in the early days of shifting delivery of policies from paper-based to an electronic format. This evolution in delivery method brings with it many benefits for you, your company, and the environment. For those who will be receiving their documents through e-Delivery we will follow-up to make sure the policy has been correctly received. If, for the time being, you prefer to continue to receive your policy in the mail, please let your dedicated account manager know so we can update your file.

The Reasons to Go Paperless are Piling up!

Digital technology is abound. These days, you can easily store data on your mobile, desktop PC, tablet, or all three! Just think about times past, and the wasted hours spent trying to find that one super-important document in a pile of files and papers. Had it been stored on your computer or smartphone, it may only have taken seconds to locate.

Why is Bryson Shifting to Paperless Delivery?

Better data Protection and Security

It’s difficult to recover information from a piece of paper once destroyed or lost (unless you have friends at CSI). But data can be recovered if your computer goes haywire. You could also store everything in a Cloud to reduce the risk of data loss. It may not surprise you to learn that electronic delivery is often more secure, and more reliable, than traditional snail mail.


Your data is centrally located and accessible 24/7. There are plenty of tools or apps available to sync your information across various devices and to back-up, store or share with others. Portable. You are in control.

It reduces Clutter

A clutter-free, tidy office space not only looks good but keeps those shoe boxes, towering cabinets and crowded credenzas from over-throwing your real estate.

It saves Money

You’ll realize the savings when you stop buying those file folders, toner and paper (..let’s not get started on tedious staples and clips!).

It’s Green

Helping to save the environment and reducing the release of the harmful toxins and gases associated with paper and pulp operations, or in the shipping and handling process, isn’t so bad, either.

It helps you stay Organized

Saving documents from an email or download into an electronic folder on your computer is significantly easier to store than a stack of papers. In fact, if you are saving to the Cloud and/or back-ups, there may be no need to save them on your hardware. Modern search features make finding a file fast and efficient

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