Maintaining effective work-life balance

Published On: August 2nd, 2016Categories: Workplace

The nature of my business, as an insurance broker, allows me to meet new and interesting people every day. Our combination of personal lines, commercial business, and specialization in truck fleet insurance, introduces us to all walks of life and the many challenges families and business owners face in today’s fast-paced environment. Change is constant, and work-life balance is a constant struggle.

I love what I do and enjoy belonging to the Durham business community. We are in the “helping” business, and by ensuring our clients appropriately, we help protect them against unforeseen perils with their personal, home, auto, and business requirements.

I would like to share a few thoughts that have helped me strike a better balance as a mother to 2 teenagers, a business owner who has just expanded to a second location in Brooklin and has just completed after nearly 20 years of marriage building our own home. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it!

Tracy’s 5 TIPS for better work-life balance

  1. I keep a positive mindset and remind myself daily of everything I have to be grateful for. I try very hard not to allow negativity to be part of my life – at home or work. I highly recommend the book “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen to guide the power of positive thinking.
  2. I walk to free my head of clutter and read books like “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington, who stresses the importance of getting enough sleep, meditation, and making small gestures of kindness. I listen to Brene Brown, a research professor who speaks to the importance of embracing who we are.
  3. I plan trips with my family to physically get away from our day-to-day surroundings, rediscover, and enjoy each other’s company… no interruptions, including cell phones, emails, etc.
  4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is high on my priority list. Personally, I have a movement specialist and a nutritionist I reach out to weekly. I also encourage our team to partake in annual community events we help sponsor, like relay marathons, duathlons, Tough Mudder, Muderella, and multiple 5 KM walks.
  5. I surround myself with people who have strengths in areas I don’t. I delegate tasks that I simply don’t have time to do and align with those I trust and confidence in. We are not alone, and as part of the Durham community, we can help and help us. It’s gratifying in both directions.

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