Kyle Paterson on “The Next Phase” podcast with Steve Kee

Published On: July 7th, 2021Categories: Commercial Insurance, Newsroom, Personal Insurance, Wellness, Workplace

Kyle Paterson had the honour of joining Steve Kee, host of “The Next Phase” podcast. Steve Kee’s passion for community, general curiosity, and concise thinking are on display as he and Kyle discuss a variety of topics in under 20 minutes.

Topics brought forward by Steve Kee include:

  • The value of having an eye on Culture within an organization.
  • How company core values, mission, and vision are established within an organization.
  • Foresight on managing our new normal post-pandemic (Kyle refers to this as an opportunity).
  • The importance of networking and relationship building in your local community.
  • How young people can grow their networks today.
  • And more…

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Written by:

Tracy Makris
I am extremely grateful for the people in my life who help guide, ground, and support me. I don’t take things for granted and place health, family and happiness at the forefront of everything I do. Happiness exists within, and for me shows up when I am able to assist others with strategic solutions to what is most important for them in their corporate or personal endeavors. I am thankful for every interaction with clients, collaborators, and others who allow me and our incredible Bryson team to serve.


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