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We love safe drivers at Bryson. Safe drivers make an unspoken commitment to keeping themselves, their passengers, and others on the road safe. Insurance companies love safe drivers and reward those who approach our streets with a safety-first lens with great pricing on their car insurance premium.

If you want to be saving more on your car insurance premium, here is an insight into how safe drivers approach the road.

Keep Your Driving Record Clean

This one is pretty straight-forward. Drivers who keep their records clean benefit from reduced pricing on their insurance. Of course, the big-ticket item insurance companies look for is whether or not you have a history of at-fault accidents, but there are other important considerations as well. If you have been claim-free for a while, many insurance companies offer special discounts to reward you for being a safe driver. 

To be clear about collisions, insurance protects you financially from losses suffered by accident. Insurance companies understand that we are humans. From time to time, we make a mistake. So, if you have had an at-fault accident, the big takeaway is to learn from it and share what you learned with your insurance broker. We share your learning and perspective with the insurance company when negotiating on your behalf. 

Beyond your accident record, insurance companies also consider other factors that indicate a higher probability of a future accident. Keeping your record clean of speeding tickets, driving infractions like running stop signs, and serious tickets such as driving under the influence ensure you will have the best chance to pay the lowest amount of car insurance premium.

Keeping your record clean is easiest if you are practicing safe driving behaviour as well. Staying off your phone while driving, pulling over when you’re tired, and maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead goes a long way in keeping your driving record clean.

Participate in a registered driver training or defensive driving course

The discount provided for participating in a safe driving course is often most felt by newer drivers and young drivers.

Participating in a safe driving course demonstrates to the insurance companies that you have a vested interest in being safe on the roads. Showing that you’re willing to learn and practice common driving skills like parallel parking, parking, driving on one-way streets, and less common practices like emergency highway stop goes a long way with insurance companies in Ontario.

Utilize an insurance company that provides safe driving tracker software

This option is for safe drivers who walk the talk. Drivers who stay within (or near) the speed limit, brake and accelerate smoothly, and stay distraction fee can save an additional 10% to 25% on insurance premiums. 

If you practice safe driving, reach out to our team to see how much more you could be saving today.

Drive with winter tires in the winter

We don’t understand how all-season tires got their name when they are not made for the most hazardous driving season in Ontario – winter.

It is a common misconception that winter tires are only for driving in the snow. While it is true that the tread depth does make them safer than all-season tires in snowy conditions, the real purpose of winter tires is to be able to perform safely in cold weather.

While the rubber in all-season tires hardens in cold weather, winter tires grip better in cold weather with their unique compound design.

Not only will driving with winter tires make the road safer for everyone, but insurance companies in Ontario will also reward you with a special discount just for having winter tires installed. 

Install a dashboard cam

As mentioned earlier, accidents happen, and insurance is there to protect you. However, there is a big difference between an accident that is deemed at-fault from one that is not. At-fault is usually decided on the type of accident and by the officer that responds. So, if you have an auto collision and are deemed at-fault, your word will only go so far. A recording of the situation will make it much easier to back-up what happened.

For example, have you ever pulled up to a stoplight where the person ahead of you decided at the last minute they couldn’t make it through the yellow and stop in the intersection? Then nervous, the driver throws the car into reverse and hectically backs up. Imagine if that driver backs into you, but no one is around to see it – who is deemed at-fault for the accident? Usually, the person who rear-ends the driver is at fault. That means YOU could be found at-fault even though you didn’t do anything wrong. A recording of an incident like that can go a long way in protecting your driving record.

Dashboard camera technology has become of higher quality, lower-priced, and easier to install over the years. 

Put safety at the top of your checklist when purchasing a car

Car technology has improved a lot over the years. No longer do you have to choose between performance and safety. Many vehicles are made safe, reliable, and responsive. Ensuring safety should be at the top of your list and, in the end, will save you money.

There are rating agencies that rate the safety of vehicles. These ratings are determined by testing the cars in crashes and other safety evaluations. Insurance companies factor in safety-ratings when determining your car insurance premium.

Before buying a new or used vehicle, many of our clients reach out to us to check how the insurance companies we represent will rate them for safety. We are here and ready to talk with you too.

Safe drivers care

Safe drivers demonstrate their care for others by being safe. We love helping safe drivers maximize their insurance premium savings. Let us acknowledge you and your driving habits today by helping you save today!

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