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Published On: October 5th, 2018Categories: Webinar

Understanding How Our Children Learn Can Alter How Learning Occurs (it can make learning fun!)

Rory Sheehan of Positive Strategies joined us to share about the deeper influences that impact our learning and development. In the discussion, Rory challenges the fixed way-of-being widely shared by many that learning disabilities are real and instead has us consider what if the teaching style is not aligned with the way the child learns?

From limiting beliefs, to the language we use, to the learning environment we create for learning, Rory takes us through a journey that reveals things we do that unintentionally impacts how our children learn and how that impact carries on into adult life! Throughout, Rory provides a series of positive strategies that bring awareness to these areas and allow us to choose how we want to proceed into the future.

Rory also shares how the words someone uses in conversation can reveal their primary learning style – visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. And once we understand the primary learning style we can completely change how information is delivered!

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Wondering how these concepts may benefit you as an adult as well? Check out Rory’s previous webinar with us on Creating a Success Mindset.

We are often asked, why do we put on these types of non-insurance related webinars? It is simple – we care. Creating a future where children are empowered to learn and find it FUN means a lot to us… as does providing our clients an unbelievable experience with their insurance.

We invite you take some time to learn more about Bryson Insurance too!

Happy learning!

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