How do I make my home feel larger?

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We have all been spending more time at home this year. With many working from home, the enjoyment of our living space is more important than ever. It can start to feel like the walls are closing in on us with winter on the horizon! While home expansions are expensive, there are some easy and cost-effective ways to make our homes feel bigger and larger.

Adding mirrors

Objects that reflect and spread light open up space in a home. Adding a mirror opposite a window or angled at the end of a hallway can make your home feel much more prominent and brighter. Bonus tip: when placing the mirror, ensure it is placed in a way where it does not reflect towards clutter or other busier parts of your home. Do so will be counter-productive to this goal.

Painting your home with light paint colours

Neutral tones have become the ‘in’ paint colour selection for many homeowners. Beyond being easy to decorate with, neutral tones are often lighter. So, while some of us may lean towards adding bold colours to our home using paint, it is best to keep the wall (and ceiling) colour light and soft. Lighter walls allow light to spread, keeping our home brighter and feeling bigger.

Smart storage and decluttering

The less that is out, and the more square footage left free, the bigger your home will feel. Several smart storage ideas can be implemented in your home. Ideas include floor-to-ceiling shelved, storage racks in a closed laundry room, and smart furniture like coffee tables and ottomans with storage space.

Simply storing some items that may usually be out, like folded blankets, will bring more ease to space. Placing items in tall (instead of wide) shelving will lengthen your home and give more headroom feeling.

Choose decor wisely and sparingly

You may be sitting at home looking at empty walls or shelves wondering, ‘what can I put there?’ There is a good chance that open space is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing to fulfill this goal – making your home feel bigger.

Having many small items and art pieces out in a room or placed throughout your home can leave your home feeling cluttered and small. Fewer and larger statement pieces go a long way in making a house feel larger. Simple things like one piece of artwork per wall may feel counter-intuitive (especially if you already have your walls filled today), but bright, empty wall space gives a feeling of more space.

Marie Kondo your stuff

The less there is on walls, countertops, computer desks, coffee tables, dressers, mantles, and such leads to living in a home that feels bigger. We all seem to accumulate and display things over time, but we do not remove items at the same pace, leading to having a lot of stuff out that we do not bring a sense of inspiration, calm, or love.

Walk around your home, look at an item, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I love this item?
  • Does it inspire me or others in my home?
  • Does it bring a greater sense of calm and peace?

If not, there is an opportunity to declutter and free up space.

Rotate with the seasons

If you find that there are too many items throughout your home after completing number 5, you may benefit from rotating your art and display items. Pick which items you want out for the next three months and store the rest away. As you rotate objects in the future, you can have fun creating your gallery, trying various combos and ideas to bring out the greatest happiness from your things. Some people who have success with this idea will often flow their items along with the seasons.

As a bonus, three months from now, when you put out an item you love that has been stored away for three months, it will feel new and fresh again.

Let your windows shine!

Many of us live in neighbourhoods with many people walking by from one day to the next, so this idea may not work for everyone to do all of the time. A surprising way to make a room feel much more significant in a home is to remove any window draping or blinds. This both maximizes light during the day and clears more space on the wall. If you have private facing windows in your home, this could give you home a big space boost.

For other windows, ensure your blinds are up or drapes pulled back as often as possible. Also, to maximize your windows’ benefit, ensure that little is placed or hanging in front of them.

Shink space requirements where possible

Every square foot in a home counts towards making a place feel more significant. If your home has many floor lamps, you could look instead to use lights that mount directly to your wall. Lights like this can hide behind a couch or bed’s headboard and sit snug on the wall when not in use.

As we all get ourselves settled in for winter at home, we hope you find these ideas helpful in creating the most spacious feeling home you can!

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