Where do you ‘garage’ your motorhome in the winter?

Published On: October 7th, 2021Categories: Personal Insurance, RV
We hope this message finds you enjoying all that RVing in Canada has to offer this year. This email will not pertain to many motorhome enthusiasts, but you must take a moment to pause and answer:

“Has the address I store my motorhome during winter changed?”

If the answer is no, then you can disregard the rest of the message and go back to enjoying your day.
If your answer is yes, it is imperative you let your insurance broker know immediately the address where your motorhome is stored (also known as garaging) during the offseason. Failure to do so can mean your motorhome will not be covered in the event of an insurance claim.

Why knowing where you store your motorhome during the winter is vital information for the insurance company.

This address is where your motorhome will spend the winter months, and your insurer wants to assess liability based on that location, not your home address. If you have a loss during winter, it will be at the address where the motorhome is stored (not your home address unless that is where it is stored).
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Written by:

James Turner
James Turner has been a RIBO Licensed insurance broker for 12 years, who, over the years, has built an impressive set of customer service and sales skills. James prides himself in remaining competitive in his knowledge of insurance markets, programs, and various new technologies as the insurance landscape grows. James is responsible for caring for Bryson clients and leads, supports, and encourages an entire team of Personal Lines Account Managers. Further, James is dedicated to community initiatives that aid in maintaining close ties with Bryson Insurance and the community they serve.


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