Gearing up for the Holiday Season

Published On: November 27th, 2017Categories: Transportation Insurance

With the Christmas season (yes, I said that word!) just around the corner, it is not only a time that we start to gear up to get all the Christmas cheer stocked up and gifts for under the tree but also a time for criminal minds to be at their peak! What a season to shop for loaded trailers full of goodies that make thieves’ pockets jingle and hard-working innocent people suffer. The last consideration a thief will have is how the company responsible for the freight (or the individual) will suffer by way of an insurance deductible or the impact the loss will create with their insurance rates.

Every day is a good day to practice risk management. However, theft losses tend to rise a couple of months before Christmas as stores start to stock their shelves.

The message is simply to be aware. Have discussions with drivers and employees to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the load.

As a final comment, many transportation firms are generous, and loan equipment for local organizations for Christmas parades with the season just around the corner. If so, this would also be the time to start a discussion with your insurance Broker on procedures and how this relates to your insurance program.

Linda Colgan is a Transportation Insurance Advisor with Bryson & Associates Insurance Brokers. To contact Linda, call 416-809-3103 or email

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Written by:

Linda Colgan
Linda Colgan has been an Insurance Broker in the transportation industry since 1986 and is Senior Account Executive with Bryson & Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd.


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