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High-Value Homes and Flood Damage: Protect Yourself

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“Your home is your biggest investment,” says Wendy Henderson, Elite Account Manager at Bryson & Associates Insurance.

She’s right. Wendy’s been in insurance for 16 years – she worked for a Direct Writer and acted as a team leader – joining Bryson’s team five years ago. “I love my work,” she says. “I love helping people and developing a valuable rapport with each of my clients.” Over the course of four and a half years, Wendy earned her CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) designation, taking classes in everything from fraud to building and construction. “I’m the person you yell at when your rates go up,” she chuckles. Wendy knows insurance, and a great deal of her time is dedicated to making sure her clients have the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Across the board, elite or not, your house is your greatest expenditure, a home for your family, a place you go to feel safe, store your valuable belongings…the list goes on. It’s important to ensure that your home insurance covers you, top to bottom. This is especially true of elite clients. Bryson Insurance is staffed with a team of experts to recommend policies that mitigate exposures and risk for high-value homes. Wendy spends much of her time with elite clients, ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their home insurance.

“It’s one thing to have a high-value home,” explains Wendy. “But, you have to think about what goes inside the home. Many of our elite clients have fine art, wine collections, beautiful jewelry. These are all things to consider when we advise them of their risks and exposures and what it will take to protect them.”

The team at Bryson Insurance does due diligence when they take on a new client. For elite clients and high-value homes, in particular, home inspections are usually recommended. The Bryson team makes sure these inspections are thorough and cover everything from fine art appraisals to wine collection assessments. “Sometimes, we request for one of our team leaders to go on an inspection and see the high-value home first-hand,” says Wendy.

In July 2013, Southern Ontario saw a devastating rainstorm. Although it only lasted a day, significant flood damage was done to homes and city infrastructure throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. When situations like these arise, you need to be sure your home and valuables are covered. Water damage can destroy expensive artwork and wreak havoc on plumbing. According to Wendy, as an Elite Account Manager, with the help of her team, she takes great care to ensure that all her clients know exactly what their potential exposures are regarding water damage and how to mitigate them.

“Some of our clients have the resources to rectify flood damage…fans and dehumidifiers…other’s don’t. We call on each of our clients when their renewal date rolls around to review their coverages for flooding and sewer backup. We make sure they know what they’re covered for and what they aren’t,” said Wendy.

Home insurance is always a good move; it’s important to make sure your biggest investment is protected. Wendy and the team at Bryson can ensure that taking the time to insure your home means money well spent – affording you the most comprehensive coverage options that mitigate the unique exposures that go hand-in-hand with owning a high-value home.

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Kyle Paterson
Kyle believes that insurance is a tool, when powerfully leveraged best ensures the vision of business leaders and families are realized. Kyle focuses on cyber risk transfer, group benefits, and corporate and individual life insurance solutions.


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