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Your pink slip is more formally known as your proof of auto insurance. In Ontario, proof of insurance means being able to show a copy of your pink slip when required. The challenge for many drivers? Not all of us are great at ensuring we have an up-to-date copy of our pink slip available should we ever need to show it.

> Bryson’s Mobile App makes your current digital pink slip easily accessible 24/7

What happens to our printed pink slips?

For as long as most of us can remember, we have been happily sending out our Bryson blue, foldable, plastic-protected encasements intended to hold your vehicle ownership and printed vehicle pink slip. 

For most drivers, that protective case sits in your center console or glove box most of the time, and most times at renewal the old pink slip comes out and the new one goes in. But that is not all of the time for all of us.

What happens? Sometimes we clean out our car and accidentally bring that little blue case inside, forgetting it there for days or even weeks. Sometimes we get a renewal pink slip in the mail and leave it near the front door, intending to put it in our vehicle the next time out the door. For some, that’s a ‘to-do’ that never happens.

What happens when we can’t produce our proof of insurance to the police?

Drivers in Ontario are required to show proof of insurance to police officers during a traffic stop. If you are unable to produce proof of insurance, you may face a fine even if you have valid car insurance.

The fine for not showing proof of insurance ranges depending on circumstances. In Ontario, we most commonly see a fine of $85 + surcharges. It is an unnecessary expense but it is often not the biggest headache for drivers.

The more problematic headache is proving you do have insurance after the fact to hopefully reduce or cancel the fine. To do this, one needs to take time out of their week to attend court and show their proof of insurance.

If you choose to pay the fine then the incident goes on your driver’s abstract (not good) which can impact your future car insurance premium, even if you had valid insurance in place at the time.

When else do you have to show your pink slip?

Having to provide proof of insurance pops up at rare times in one’s life. Of course, the most known and common is during a police traffic stop but there are other regular instances too where showing proof of insurance is necessary.

Think about all the things you’re going to have to do, all the extra steps you’re going to have to take, all because you forgot your pink slip when carrying out the following…

  • renting a vehicle;
  • buying a new or used vehicle;
  • registering a vehicle;
  • renewing your license plate sticker (aww, after standing in that line).

Electronic Pink Slips to the Rescue

The move to a more digital insurance experience is an understandable request for many insurance purchasers. For us as your broker, it also provides us with more flexibility in serving your insurance needs.

In September of 2019, the Government of Ontario’s Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) approved the use of electronic proof of auto insurance in Ontario.

This meant that a digital copy of your pink slip could be used instead of a print version. However, while the digital copy proved more flexible, it was cumbersome for many. It was something you had to ensure was properly stored on your cell phone for easy access. Unless comfortable with your electronic wallet, drivers scroll through photo galleries, search file storage, or scroll emails looking for the special one from their Bryson Insurance Account Manager with the slip inside.

Enhanced Digital Pink Slip Storage with the Bryson Mobile App

There are several benefits for clients using the Bryson Mobile App. One of the easiest-to-experience benefits is your always up-to-date and easy-to-access digital pink slip. When your insurance renews, your digital pink slip is kept up-to-date. When you change vehicles, the new digital pink slip will be in there waiting for you. If you change one insurance company to another, the updated digital pink slip will be in the same spot as the old one ready for when you need it.

Make sure you have the Bryson Mobile App installed on your phone today.

If you have questions or would like to find out how Bryson Insurance can improve your insurance experience, reach out to us today.

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