Commercial Drivers Are Company Ambassadors

Published On: May 25th, 2022Categories: Transportation Insurance

Recently I had the experience of dealing with a driver who, for reasons known to all involved, could not be insured. I welcomed the opportunity to talk to the driver directly with the mere hope of explaining litigation and credibility issues from a defendant’s perspective. In the event of a severe loss, the driver’s file is sanctioned immediately. This is the point at which the scrutiny of the driver falls under a microscope. The historical content of employment can be used in a courtroom and can be manipulated to benefit the plaintiff. A driver’s abstract, commercial vehicle driving record, CSA and other public sites are used to display the erosion of driving habits and feed the hunger of plaintiffs’ lawyers.

An Insurer must defend their Insured in a motor vehicle accident.  This is a very difficult task if predictable trends are reflected in the profiles of the individual.   Abstracts and incident reports act as a mirror image of a driver’s behaviour.  Any spiral in trending should be captured by the safety and compliance representative.  An adequate file will speak volumes on any incidents, what actions were taken and disciplinary action.  

If a driver has multiple infractions on their abstract, the definition of professional will be questioned. This is better discussed and acted upon at a company safety level or underwriting platform. 

A driver’s abstract is a visible resume. It speaks volumes of the actions and attitude of the individual.  

If an individual has received an infraction, whether it affects the commercial record or personal, this should be challenged in an effort to protect both the company and the driver.  Company policies should also outline what is acceptable and the repercussions if not.   A manual is a guide and a continual reference as to the expectations of the company and the repercussions if a driver’s profile or performance changes.

As an owner-operator or driver for a company, you are a presence and the ambassador representing the carrier. Attitude and skills are needed to represent both you and the carrier with integrity and professionalism.   People rely on professional drivers for these keen abilities and talents. The CVOR and MVR are the barometers for behaviour and attitude.  A professional takes care in keeping these profiles as clean as possible.

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