Bundling Insurance to Save Money: Home, Auto and Beyond

Published On: December 12th, 2017Categories: Personal Insurance

We have all heard the expression “don’t put your eggs in one basket” but, is that always true?

When dealing with your investments, you may want to follow that advice – a diverse portfolio can ensure that one bad investment will not sink your entire portfolio. But does it transfer to other areas like your insurance?

On the surface, it may appear so. You may believe that having multiple brokers and multiple markets keeps your price low and service high…..but what if you are actually costing yourself more money, time, and effort for a worse overall insurance experience?

Here are some reasons why bundling your insurance is the right choice:

Save money with multi-policy discounts

By using the same insurance company, you often receive multi-policy discounts. The more items you insure with one company, the more you are likely to save!

Save time while still shopping around

We do the shopping for you. Let us quote everything you need to insure with the leading Canadian insurers with your needs in mind. We want to get you the best value for your insurance dollars, no matter what is most important to you – low prices, extended coverage, excellent customer service, or a combination of these.

Ease of doing Business

Need to switch your payment method or make changes to your policies – make one call instead of two or three.

Better Claims experience

What if your home and auto are damaged in the same windstorm? If your insurance is bundled, you only have to make one call to one insurance company and will most likely have one adjuster who will oversee your entire claims experience. No more multiple calls with multiple companies and negotiating multiple outcomes.

You get a better overall insurance experience

Imagine knowing the things you value most are insured at the best possible value with a brokerage that has your best interests at heart. Our reputation as a client-first brokerage was established by truly caring people who are genuinely concerned about helping those we are given the opportunity to insure. We treat our clients like family.

Call or email us today to set up a time to review your current insurance portfolio. Let us provide you with a quote and see if bundling your insurance makes sense.

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Written by:

Kyle Paterson
Kyle believes that insurance is a tool, when powerfully leveraged best ensures the vision of business leaders and families are realized. Kyle focuses on cyber risk transfer, group benefits, and corporate and individual life insurance solutions.


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