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Published On: August 4th, 2017Categories: Newsroom

We had a lot of fun as a team generating and discovering our core values and are now excited to be able to share them with you!

Of our external accolades, we are most proud of being recognized as a Great Place to Work by Great Places to Work Canada. This recognition means so much to us because it is largely weighted by an employee survey.

In this we thought, we have never taken the time to write down our core values. We discuss things that are important to us all the time but we never have just said let’s write these down!

It is important to share how these were created as the creation closely reflects who we are and how we operate as well. Our process is intentional and we encourage contribution from the whole.

This is what we created. This is who we are.

How did we create our core values?

Every year Bryson hosts an employee appreciation day. This is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of team members, reflect back on the year, and share the vision of where we are heading as an organization.

During the meeting, we have breakout sessions with the intention of learning more about one another and to uncover ways we can continue to expand as a team. Inside one of the conversations, we shared ‘what is important to you – both personally and professionally?’

One could already see the alignment in what is important to us as people and professionals.

At this point, each team picked a leader to join a Core Values sub-group missioned to discover how to share who we are with the world. At the first meeting, we realized we wanted to know a little more about our team members so the team leaders collected responses and we compiled a big list of things that really meant something.

Themes and similarities became apparent and the group was able to narrow down our shared values to a manageable number. From this point a smaller team was tasked with the final step – turning it into something that could be shared with the world.

Do our Core Values speak to you?

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