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Understanding the Bill of Lading - Webinar

Developing a better understanding of the Bill of Lading is essential for transportation professionals.

Topics discussed include:

  • What is the difference between the shipper or carrier issuing a Bill of Lading?
  • What is a declared value shipment and what is the intent behind it?
  • What are the best carrier practices when dealing with a declared value Bill of Lading?
  • What are some best practices for carriers carrying temperature dependent cargo to minimize risk?
  • What should a driver do when they are not able to view the shipment loaded?
  • What common claims does Shubham see that he believes should be easily preventable?

About the Presenter: Shubham Gupta

Since immigrating to Canada in 2012, Shubham Gupta has held various positions as a claims professional, working for a broker, an insurer and two adjusting firms. Currently, as an independent claims consultant, he is associated with SIAdvisers Consulting & Solutions Inc., providing claims adjusting services. He specializes in Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability and Commercial General Liability Claims. He is a published author of a book titled "Understanding the basics of Liability Claims - an adjuster's perspective", and also blogs about Canadian Caselaw at