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Cannabis in the Workplace - Webinar

The Impacts of Marijuana on the Workplace - Webinar

Legalization of Cannabis in Canada is quickly approaching. Is your business prepared?

The top five concerns workplace leaders are noting for the legalization of cannabis are:

  1. Employees operating motor vehicles
  2. Disciplinary procedures
  3. Decreased work performance
  4. Employees using heavy machinery
  5. Attendance issues

A recent study by Deloitte shows that approximate 1 in every 5 Canadians consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Once cannabis is legalized the study shows another 17% of Canadians say they will consider starting to consume. That means that legalization increased recreational use of cannabis to approximately 4 in 10 Canadians. This of course includes many employees and drivers.

What is the Impact of Cannabis on the Workplace?

Carole McAfee Wallace, a lawyer with Fernandes Hearn LLP, joins us to discuss this very question. From individual performance to workplace safety to employer rights Carole provides a wide-ranging overview of the upcoming potential impacts. Carole also reviews what we know already today as the use of medical cannabis has been legal for awhile now. 

Webinar: How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

With over 546 million members across 200 countries LinkedIn is the largest business networking platform on the planet. LinkedIn provides an opportunity to build relationships with business leaders, company decision makers, and industry professionals.

For businesses and individuals engaged in Business-to-business (B2B) sales, LinkedIn is long and by far the best social engine for generating leads. B2B marketers report that 80% of leads sourced online are from LinkedIn.

With one in three professionals across the world on LinkedIn and two more joining every second the question remains: How do I stand out on LinkedIn! 

Leslie Hughes, LinkedIn specialist and Principal of Punch Media, joins Kyle Paterson, Bryson's Director of Culture and Business Development, to answer this very question. It all comes back to creating a strong first impression, generating high quality connections, and developing strategies to nurture relationships that convert into business success.

Click here to access the Webinar: How to Stand Out on LinkedIn slide deck PDF.How to Stand Out on LinkedIn Webinar Notes - Bryson Insurance


Webinar notes:

  • The new application Leslie is using to source shareable content related to her niche & interest is called GrapeVine6
  • Leslie mentioned our fear of being rejected and other things that get in our way of being in action. I referenced our previous webinar “Creating a Success Mindset” with Rory Sheehan. This webinar will give you tools to get into a powerful mindset that will support taking the actions aligned with creating success.
  • Curious to see a modern and professional LinkedIn profile? Check out Leslie's ->


Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Specialist, a Professor of Social Media and the Principal of PUNCH!media.Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn specialist and owner of PunchMedia. This is a picture of Leslie Hughes standing with her arms crossed

Leslie founded PUNCH!media in 2009, and has worked with companies such as TVO, The Children’s Wish Foundation, Investment Planning Counsel and Guardian Life Insurance Company of America to help them develop a solid Social Media presence.

Leslie has been called a “Social Media Guru” by CBC Radio and has also been a guest on CTV’s “The Social” talking about How to Manage your Digital Identity. She is also one of a select number of Canadian’s recognized as a Chartered Marketer by the Canadian Marketer Association.

She has recently launched her book “CREATE. CONNECT. CONVERT”, which is designed to help you own your value and build a powerful professional image (without feeling like you’re bragging).

To connect with Leslie on LinkedIn click here. You can also email Leslie Hughes here ->