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An Inside Look at How We Build Culture of Mental Wellness at Bryson Insurance

Curious to know how we create our workplace culture? Get a peak inside how our team at Bryson Insurance utilize our core values to generate a positive mental wellness work environment. Hint: we build community within our organization and the people in our community create a positive experience for each other.Tobin McLeod and Kyle Paterson of Bryson Insurance preparing for the webinar "Measuring the Impact of your Mental Health Strategy" hosted by the Canadian Mental Health Association and CivicAction

The Canadian Mental Health Association and CivicAction joined forces and invited Bryson Insurance, along with Manulife Financial, to participate in the webinar "Measuring the Impact of your Mental Health Strategy". The purpose of the webinar was to share how we, as an organization, create a positive mental health workplace and ways we measure the impact of initiatives we take.

Tobin McLeod, Bryson’s Wellness Advisor and Commercial Accounting Assistant, and Kyle Paterson, Bryson’s Director of Culture and Business Development, provide insight into how we design and organically generate a Great Place to Work certified company.

Webinar: Keeping Our Kids Safe Online

How do we keep our children safe on the internet? There seems to be an ever-growing list of intensifying concerns including cyber bullying, online predators, identity theft, geo-tagging of photos, viewing and distributing inappropriate material and so much more facing parents and children online today.

The statistics of internet usage and activity is concerning:

  • Over 10% of children under eight years old use a digital device (phone, iPad, iPod, tablet);
  • Over half of adolescents and teenagers have been bullied online and about the same percentage have engaged in cyber bullying. More troubling is that less then half of cyber bullied children tell their parents or other authority figures that they have been bullied;
  • One-in-five teenagers say they have received unwanted sexual solicitation via the internet but only a quarter of those children told their parents about it.

The good news is that there are actions we can take to create a safer online experience for our children.

Darnley Greson, of Darn IT Group, joins Kyle Paterson, of Bryson Insurance, to discuss methods to improve online safety for yourself and your children. Since having children of his own, Darnley’s passion to education parents and children about online safety has grown exponentially. He is able to draw on his extensive IT background and years of experience to bring a wealth of knowledge and tools to parents and kids. He has even begun sharing his message of online safety with schools presenting to children, teachers and parents in hopes of improving the online experience for families.

During this webinar Darnley and Kyle discuss education topics, specific social apps (like Kik and Snapchat) that are especially dangerous for children, predatory research and information gathering tactics. They also provide parents with specific tools they can use to restrict access to programs across all platforms and devices (computer, mobile, and gaming consoles).

The safety management tools discussed in the webinar include:

Darnley also suggests the Government of Canada - Get Cyber Safe website as an education resource for parents and children to develop better online safety practices. Learn more here -


Darnley Greson Jr. started Darn IT Group in 2012. Passionate about all things technology, educating others, and helping those who do not understand technology. Darnley has done various contract jobs for: financial institutions (Deloitte Canada), Small Businesses, Hospitals (Princess Margret Hospital), Universities (University of Toronto), and National Intelligence Agencies.

You can connect with Darnley by emailing and Kyle by emailing