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Time to uncover the toys

Just imagine how many times that’s being said in various households across the country as rising temperatures and the first long weekend of the season have boating enthusiasts eager to get on the water.

After a long, extremely cold winter there is nothing more exhilarating than the sound of the waves against the hull of your boat, the low drone of the motor as anglers try their luck nearby; the snap of the sail at that first-of-the season burst of wind.

Recreational boating is such an enticing pastime that it’s estimated 46 per cent or roughly 13.2 million adult Canadians took to the waterways last year.

In their haste to uncover their toys, however, boat owners need to ensure they are covered properly to begin with. Finding the appropriate insurance cover can leave owners treading water, wondering whether they are in over their heads.

Bryson and Associates Insurance Brokers Ltd., in conjunction with a handful of marine insurance companies, take that worry away from boat owners and make the transition from land to water each year as seamless as possible.

Bryson’s team of professionals recognize the passion involved when clients choose to invest in a watercraft, and how they want to ensure that investment is properly covered and protected.

What is my boat worth or, what should I insure it for are the most frequently asked questions. Boaters are encouraged to insure their watercraft for the amount it would cost to replace it with like kind and quality. From there an “agreed value” can be established. Agreed value means that you and the marine insurance company have agreed (by way of contract) on the insured value of your boat.

Boat insurance varies depending on the length and type of watercraft you have, value and the level of coverage you wish to secure. While some homeowners’ policies will pick up insurance on smaller boats, it is a marine policy that affords one the best and most diverse coverage.

While boat owners have a checklist to follow to ensure their season is safe and enjoyable, Bryson and Associates has a checklist to ensure the season is an unforgettable one for all the right reasons.