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Bryson Insurance Employee Spotlight: Cheryl Roberts LLQP, HBA – Business Development Manager

Cheryl’s experience is that most families wait too long to get the insurance protection they need. They are under the impression that it is not affordable or not really necessary, when the opposite is actually true.

Prof Cheryl

Cheryl joined Bryson Insurance as their Business Development Manager, two years ago. Her early career saw her in management positions within the insurance arms of major banking institutions. Cheryl explains the difference in the business approach at Bryson, “I’m able to get to know our clients better and understand their situation in a more holistic fashion. I am empowered at a higher level and can move things along quicker. I’m allowed to specialize in short and long term life policies and living benefits like critical illness insurance. I can educate and advise in these areas and then bring in an associate that specializes in other areas like home and auto. This team approach brings greater expertise to our client and the more collaborative, team approach creates a great working environment compared to my corporate background.”

Big life events like marriage, becoming a parent and buying a home get people thinking about life insurance. The truth is, the younger you are the more affordable your insurance premium can be. There is a definite trend towards using life insurance over mortgage insurance as it is less expensive, your coverage and benefits do not go down as your mortgage decreases and it gives you more flexibility in the way monies are dispersed. Cheryl definitely feels it is worth looking into if you are looking at entering into or renewing a mortgage in the near future and says, “It is flat out better value.”

Today, there are more dependent elderly than dependent youth. To meet the needs of our elderly population, there are all types of programs that address the needs of both healthy and higher risk seniors. Cheryl adds, “There are too many well kept secrets in this area and way too many assumptions made as to the coverages available for living benefits and critical illness situations. There are programs that actually return the premiums in full if no claims are made. It really pays to take some time with a life insurance specialists to understand the coverage options available to you.”

Along with managing the Life portfolios for her clients, Cheryl also works closely with industry professionals in the Durham region. She helps lawyers, mortgage brokers and other professionals to help their clients in the education and understanding of the benefits of short and long term life policies. This community partnering approach and coaching her associates within Bryson is a very enjoyable part of Cheryl’s day to day activities.

Cheryl states, “We have a young family and Boomer parents, so it’s easy for me to empathize with my clients of all demographics. Our President, Tracy Makris has been where I am and is a great mentor for me as I continue on my journey. She has built a great group, stays involved with the community and keeps on top of what’s coming down the insurance pipeline. I’m very happy to be part of Bryson Insurance.”