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Employee Spotlight: Victoria (Vicky) Murphy, New Business Account Manager

Vicky’s advice to anyone thinking about getting insurance or to those who are already insured (across home, auto and life) is to keep in touch with your broker. She states, “The rules are always changing and believe it or not, many times it is to our clients’ advantage. Things as far ranging as installation of tankless water heaters or having children with great marks at university can lead to deeper discounts on your total insurance package.”

Victoria Murphy - New Business Account Manager

Vicky will soon be celebrating 3 years with Bryson Insurance. Her previous decade of experience in the insurance industry were with direct writers at two of Canada’s leading institutions. As a Bryson Account Manager, Vicky has a mix of long standing Boomer generation clients and younger families. Having a young family herself and Boomer parents, Vicky is very comfortable handling both demographics.

Vicky explains, ”One of the biggest differences I find with Bryson, where we represent multiple writers of insurance, is we provide greater choice and can tailor an integrated approach that fits the clients’ particular needs.” She adds, “We take a fresh look at everything and take a big picture approach to the solutions we recommend. Along with our ‘Bryson Bundles’ which give deeper discounts for multiple policies, we are converting many of our clients from traditional mortgage insurance to more cost effective term insurance policies.”

Reasons to consider term over traditional mortgage insurance starts with affordability. As an example, a 35 year old non-smoker can attain $250,000 of insurance for as little as $25/month. Additional advantages include:

  • Simple affordable solutions that benefit you and your beneficiaries
  • Does not disappear as your mortgage does
  • Quick quotes in few minutes for easy comparison
  • Easy but full underwriting upfront so that in your time of need the money will be there
  • You get to choose beneficiary and the amount to be insured for, not the bank
  • You can convert your term to a permanent solution

The idea of a multiple policy discount isn’t new but the “Bryson Bundle” incorporates a more in depth analysis over multiple writers to maximize the coverage, protection and comfort of dealing with Bryson’s client-centric approach. Vicky adds, “I definitely have more options to offer my clients at Bryson than I did with a direct writer. It’s a very rare occasion that I can’t find a solution that satisfies my client’s requirements.” The benefits of placing your full portfolio with Bryson Insurance includes:

  • The more you bundle with Bryson, the more you save
  • Ensure all cost savings are taken advantage of and insurance coverage is appropriate
  • Experts assess and complete the insurance portfolio in one step, under one roof
  • A comprehensive package can be developed to include home, auto, life, health, travel and business

Bryson Insurance is a family owned and operated enterprise that is highly involved with their customers and community. It’s an approach appreciated by Vicky. “I love the fact that our clients truly come first. We keep it up close and personal and I get to help people from all walks of life and make better, ongoing decisions to develop the best overall insurance package for them.”