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Employee Spotlight: Melissa Damovski, Personal Lines Team Lead

36d9cb9For Melissa Damovski, providing coverage for antique cars and boats isn’t just a job – it’s part of her life. After seven years with Bryson Insurance, Melissa is a Personal Lines Team Leader with a really interesting specialty. “I love cars and I love boats,” she says. “I really appreciate the lifestyle around it and I love helping people get the best possible coverage.” Melissa gets excited about the possibility of contributing to someone’s passion – she frequently attends boat and antique car shows, not only for her personal interest, but to glean information about the language, trends and culture of owning these vehicles.

“The first things I ask a client when they come to me looking for an insurance plan for their antique car or boat are ‘what did you purchase it for?’ and ‘what’s unique about it?’” Melissa does intensive research, discovery and interviewing when it comes to finding the best possible policy and coverage for each and every client. Typically, she says, she’s dealing with clients who can afford to own and maintain these expensive vehicles – very passionate people when it comes to making sure their investment is properly covered and protected. “Antique car owners typically know the value of their vehicle. They want to deal with a company who understands that too – that’s where we come in. We use companies who are accustomed to insuring antique cars and all that entails.” For instance, Melissa says, most clients want to deal with specialty mechanics and utilize VIP towing services if repairs are required. All these additional services and expenses must be allowed for in a comprehensive car insurance plan.

“When it comes to boats, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a marine insurance company,” says Melissa. “The companies we work with make it very easy. Complicated policies and procedures can be challenging to deal with and really ruin a clients’ experience. That’s not something we want – it’s important to make the insurance process as seamless as possible.”

Melissa transitioned from a supervisory role at Canadian Blood Services to an Account Manager position at Bryson and finally, into her current role as a Team Leader. She wears many hats in the run of a week, with her key motivators being streamlining communications between the brokerage and its clients, fine-tuning internal processes and encouraging members of her team to step up and take advantage of any opportunity to learn and grow with the brokerage.

“We’re really a family at Bryson,” says Melissa. “If there’s a member of our team who wants to lead, it’s my job to make that happen.” For Melissa, there’s nothing more important in her professional life than helping her team at Bryson work toward the common goal of providing the most comprehensive insurance services possible.