Do I get my classic car back in the event of a total loss?

Published On: November 29th, 2018Categories: Personal Insurance

One question we often receive from classic car owners that we insure is, “If my classic car suffers a total loss, will I get it back?”

We have good news to share…

For many classic car enthusiasts, the vehicle means much more than a device to get from point A to point B. There is great pride in the restoration of a classic vehicle and memories created from the many hours working on and in the vehicle. For many classic car owners, the most painful day is when that classic car is lost forever.

One of the common reasons we have been forced to say goodbye to our classic vehicles is when the car suffers a covered total loss. A covered total loss is when something happens to the vehicle – vandalism, accident, natural event – and the vehicle is deemed non-salvageable. What usually happens when a classic vehicle can’t be salvaged the insurance company takes possession of the vehicle and provides the vehicle owner with a cheque for the guaranteed value.

That is not how it has to be anymore!

We know many classic car owners that would love their vehicle back regardless of the condition. It gives you the opportunity to rebuild the vehicle, up-cycle for a future project, or even simply take off a piece to retain as a memory.

By adding the Cherished Salvage coverage to your existing classic vehicle insurance policy, you will be able to keep your vehicle to restore it or use the parts for another project and STILL receive the full guaranteed value of the vehicle. Either way, the car you love lives on!

It is time to get a quote from Bryson Insurance for your classic vehicle.

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