10 Tips When Looking to Start Your RVing Journey (From Real RVers)

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Exploring Canada’s great outdoors is one of the many fantastic opportunities we have as Canadians. With 5 National Parks and over 330 Provincial parks in Ontario alone, there are a lot of options when it comes to getting some fresh air and enjoying the short but sweet summertime.

One way many Ontarians like to spend their downtime is RVing—roughly 15% of households owned an RV (in 2018). Since COVID interrupted travel plans in 2020 and local travel has increased, those stats are looking to grow significantly this year (source). 

So, we thought, what better way to share the love of RVing for those who are on the fence or chomping at the bit to start their journey than by asking real RV owners to share some of their best tips so you can have the best RV experience in summer 2021! 

What to Know Before Buying an RV 

There are many options for buying your first RV: size, features, and the amount of luxury you want and need. These are all critical things to consider. Our expert Crystal Sharrow says, “Go for comfort first.” which makes sense as you’ll be spending a lot of time travelling and sleeping in your RV.

Before picking out the RV of your dreams, some sage advice from Jeff, an RVing pro, says, “ensure you know the limits of your tow vehicle.” A costly mistake would be to purchase something that you’re unable to tow. Find your towing capacity here. Rita Street adds, “get a weight-distribution hitch!”

When purchasing a new RV, it may seem like once you’ve found the perfect vehicle for your family, you’re good to go, but veteran RV pro, Paul Gillen, says to get your RV inspected by a certified inspector, even if it’s brand new. It could be “the best $500 you’ll ever invest. It can save you thousands of dollars in the long run”.  

It can be exciting, visiting the dealerships and investigating different models of RVs but keep in mind these words of wisdom from Crystal, “If you don’t love it when you first see it, it’s just not meant to be.”  

And if you’re still not sure which RV is perfect for you, “Try it before you buy it” is something Patricia Pryor emphasized. “It’s easy to rent an RV, and it gives you a chance to see if the size is right, the storage is adequate, and whether you’d be happy inside on a chilly, wet day.” That sounds like pretty solid advice to us! 

For RVing Travellers with Young Kids 

Entertaining kids inside a compact vehicle is something we learned from our RV pros that takes preparation and patience. Below they’ve provided some great tips to ensure your kids love the experience and you get a moment of downtime. 

Whether you buy or rent an RV for an outdoor adventure, one thing you might want to consider is sleep time. RV veteran, Amber Wong, says, “the more beds, the better. Sharing isn’t always caring in our experience”. Although we don’t know the specifics, it’s excellent advice if you have many kids of varying ages and who doesn’t love having their choice of beds, kids or not? 

When it comes to children, we’ve learned preparation is vital in the RV world. Carol Weese suggests parents “bring activities for rainy days and run [your kids] ragged, so they sleep well at night.” Like many of our RV experts, Sandy mentioned, “plan as much as possible; meals, hikes, games and bring what you need to do these things” so you’re fully prepared for days of fun.  

And don’t forget if your little ones are out of diapers and don’t want to walk to an outhouse at night to “pack a pee potty for nighttime”!  

Tips for Overall RVing Success (and More Fun) 

Although RVing may seem more glamorous than tent camping, you still want to make sure you’re taking care of your comfort and needs. The following tips are ways in which you can take your RV trip to the next level. 

Stay comfy with a memory foam mattress topper. Tammy Moore highly recommends the Wayfair White Noise Memory Foam Mattress Topper so you can enjoy the best sleep possible before and during your big adventures on the road. 

Jennifer Trenbeth shares a “game-changer for any sized family,” is the Campchef Grill from Costco helps keep tummies happy, and our Pros raved that it made cooking simple and easy. Plus, who doesn’t love BBQ?  

And if all the planning falls through, it rains, or the kids start crying, keep your sanity with Rosa Amsinga’s first choice coffee maker for RVing life, the Coleman Coffee Maker 

RVing is becoming more and more popular, and we’d love to help you not only find the perfect RV and have the best summer vacation in 2021 but find the best insurance rates for your RV. Learn more about RV insurance here, or reach out to one of our RV insurance specialists today. Happy camping! 

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