10 Must-Have Items for Summer RVing

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Hitting the open road in an RV is a dream for many Canadians.

If you’re in the market to purchase an RV for summer 2021, or you’re already an avid RVer, we’ve put together this list of RV upgrades from real RV enthusiasts to make camping in style this year a breeze! 

A Bike Rack 

If biking is on the top of your outdoor activities list, Lorrie Felker says her #1 upgrade so far has been adding a bike rack to her RV. She recommends the Arvika Bike Rack to make getting around with your bikes safe and straightforward. 

An Outdoor Mat 

Camping can attract mud and dirt as you go in and out of your RV. Marilyn Bruzzese says, “I love my outdoor mat. It keeps the dirt out of the trailer.” which is a great and overlooked simple addition to keep your RV tidy no matter what the weather is outside. 

Air Fryer 

Depending on the RV model you have or are looking to purchase, the ability to cook inside will vary. Donna Jaques’ addition to her RV was an air fryer. She says, “It’s a great product to make meals in a jiffy.” which is perfect if you’re needing something quick or feeding lots of mouths and are short on time. 

Screen Room 

A big part of camping in Canada means accepting biting and pesky bugs. To keep mosquitos, blackflies, and flies at bay, it is recommended to add a screen room to your RV must-haves list. You can purchase separate self-enclosed gazebo-style units or ones that attach to your RV, which makes going in and out to grab food, sunscreen, and other essentials simple! 

A Comfy Outdoor Chair 

No RV camping experience is complete without having your desired chair. Adele Steele agrees, saying having a big comfy outside chair is a must-have for all RV owners. What’s better than sitting by the fire and relaxing? 

Whether it’s a zero-gravity chair, a bean bag, or just a cozy camping chair, be sure to test what you like the best and store well in your RV before purchasing. 

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Portable Internet 

While COVID-19 has moved many people online to do their jobs, camping with teens and working may require you to have reliable and steady internet. Lorelei Downes says about her techy add-on, “… my Rogers rocket hub is a big fav. I teach an online course, and this device allows me to work lakeside, which is a bonus.” That does sound pretty wonderful! 

Ice Maker 

Quite a few RV enthusiasts agree an Ice Maker is an absolute must. Dorla Watson says, “An ice maker is the best!” especially on long trips and hot days. Having ice on hand is something we guarantee will make you a popular RV neighbour (if you feel like sharing!). 

Energy Backups 

Whether you are on a campground with electricity or not, having a backup for energy is always a good idea, especially if you want to keep the ice maker going if the power goes out! 

Joanne MacNeill recommends “a solar panel and inverter generator” as two options to ensure even if the power goes out, you’ll still be rolling. So consider what makes the most sense for you and your family this summer. 

A Hammock 

Finding the perfect trees to hang a hammock up under is a great way to spend those warm summer days.  

“Our hammock is so relaxing,” shares Shelley Lauzon. What a great way to read, watch the water and listen to the kids playing than by stretching out in a perfect hammock with your goto cool drink. 

Covered Deck

As we all know, weather in Canada can be unpredictable, so preparing for any weather is a must.  

Cathy Ruiter suggests adding a covered deck to your trailer. “We can now sit outside in the rain,” she adds. A covered patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, even if the weather doesn’t agree with your plans. 

Whatever your favourite add-on is this summer, make sure that it makes sense for your family and needs. If you need RV insurance, be sure to reach out to us at Bryson Insurance to see what add-ons you may need to meet your insurance needs.

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