Did you know adopting safe driving habits could save you up to 25% on your car insurance?

Safe drivers may take a few extra minutes to get to where they are heading but we know there is a much higher chance of them and others on the road getting there safely. Because safe drivers keep our roads safer, we help drivers get financially rewarded for using safe driving habits while on the road.

Start with an automatic 10% discount

By being a driver willing to take on safe driving practices, you will see an instant 10% discount on your car insurance. Every six months your safe driving habits will be assessed and the discount will be updated to reflect how you drive.

How does it work?

Approved drivers will gain access to a unique usage-based insurance program designed specifically for people who demonstrate safe driving behaviours. Through your smartphone, the application will sync with your GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Using information collected, the application will calculate your discount. You receive a 10% discount just by signing up in the program and, by demonstrating safe driving practices, can save up to 25% off your car insurance.

How do I join the Safe Driver Saving program?

To see if the Safe Driver Savings program is right for you reach out to a Bryson team member. Please complete the form on the page, emailing us, or giving our office a call. Our car insurance professionals are ready and happy to discuss how we can help you save on your insurance premiums today!

Are you a safe driver?

Find out how much you save!

How is your safe driving discount determined?