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Insurance Value Statement

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Insurance Value Statement

In these changing economic times, you need to derive maximum value from your insurance dollar. At Bryson Insurance, we are committed to providing you with that value throughout the entire business insurance process.

This statement outlines 18 valuable insurance-related services that you’ll enjoy, starting from the very first day.

  1. A brief tour of your business premises, intended to help you identify areas where potential injury or damage might occur.
  2. Identification of coverage needs and problems (if any) with your existing insurance program. Solutions are revealed during the proposal presentation.
  3. Determination of the premium payment structure that best meets your firm’s cash flow requirements.
  4. Discovery and discussion of service-related concerns that you may have with your current insurance provider.
  5. Extensive review of applicable discounts to assure that you receive all the credits to which you’re entitled.
  6. Proposed answers to protection-related problems and service-related issues discovered above.
  7. Assurances that we have carefully considered your operations and have applied what we’ve determined to be the most applicable rate classifications.
  8. Assurances that you won’t be surprised by a large audit bill a year from now, assuming that there are no dramatic increases in your firm’s payroll or sales.
  9. Guarantee that we have provided you with the most competitive total account premium for the needs of your firm, available through our agency.
  10. Guarantee that the insuring carrier that we select has pre-approved your application for coverage, based on the facts you revealed to us.
  11. Review of current building, equipment and stock limits.
  12. You’ll receive an easy-to-read summary of your insurance account, including policy details, premiums, and brief summaries of your main coverages.
  13. Complete reference guide for filing insurance claims at any time. Includes all agency and carrier contacts, phone numbers, web and email addresses.
  14. Twice a year, we will talk or meet to review whether your current insurance program still adequately protects your business.
  15. With authorization, we will promptly notify you if a current or prospective employee’s driving record is acceptable from an insurance point-of-view — at no charge.
  16. Optional for-fee loss prevention service to help you minimize your firm’s exposure to avoidable loss. Survey conducted by a professional engineer.
  17. We will assist your employees with their personal insurance needs and ensure they receive the best coverage at the best possible price.
  18. Provide quotes on your existing Group Benefits or other Life & health Insurance your business may need through Bryson Insurance & Financial Services.

Services provided BEFORE preparing your business insurance proposal

  • Initial Loss Control
  • Survey Protection Needs Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Satisfaction Analysis

Discount Review Services provided DURING preparation of your business insurance proposal

  • Specific Solutions
  • Classifications Considered
  • Audit Exposure Review
  • Pricing Guarantee
  • Acceptability Guarantee
  • Replacement Cost / Co Ins. Review

Services provided AFTER our proposal is accepted

  • Schedule of Insurance
  • 24/7 Claim Filing Services
  • Bi-Annual Reviews
  • MVR Driver Acceptability Analysis
  • Loss Prevention Analysis
  • VIP Insurance Assistance Plan
  • Life & Health Insurance


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