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Insurance Coverage for Uber Drivers in Ontario!

We are pleased to announce that insurance coverage for Uber drivers in Ontario is now available! The solution from Intact provides drivers and passengers with complete peace of mind. Both drivers and passengers have end-to-end coverage from the moment the initial match occurs through the online platform to the moment the passenger exits the vehicle at their destination. The Intact solution allows you to keep your current insurance coverage while you are using your vehicle for personal use and to be covered by Intact’s commercial policy while online with Uber.

Please make sure to let our team of professionals know you are currently or are planning to drive for Uber. Your insurer needs to be made aware and approve that you drive for Uber. Call us now at 1-800-661-5196, chat with us by clicking the chat window in the bottom right, , or click here to e-mail us, or to talk with a Bryson Insurance trained professional.

*Do not drive for Uber without making sure your insurance company approves you*

Uber is an example of ride-sharing. To help better understand this aspect of the sharing economy we have provided some frequently asked questions with answer. Have more questions? Get in touch.

I have heard of Ride-Sharing but what is the Transportation Network?

Also referred to as ride-sharing, the transportation network is a digital, online-enabled platform that allows people to arrange transportation services for compensation using their private passenger vehicle.

What is a Transportation Network Company (TNC)?

A technology company that arranges transportation services for compensation using the transportation network. An example of a TNC is Uber.

What is covered under this insurance policy?

This policy extends all policy coverage available to the vehicle. Drivers will be covered for all three periods of the Transportation Network Company activity including:

  • First Action – the driver has logged onto the online-enabled platform and is available to be matched with a paying passenger.
  • Second Action – the driver has accepted a trip through the online-enabled platform and is on route to pick up the passenger.
  • Third Action – the passenger has entered the transportation network automobile and is being transferred.

If you have any questions, require additional information, or would like a quote, please reach out to us by clicking the chat window in the bottom right, click here to e-mail us, or call us at 1-800-661-5196 to talk with a Bryson Insurance trained professional. If you would like to stay up-to-date as ridesharing insurance evolves please complete the form below to be added to our newsletter.

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